art of autonomy

Automatic watches can be found at ADVOLAT in various price ranges. Fascinating mechanics beyond charging cable and battery.

The fascination of automatic watches originates from a technology from the 18th century and still inspires many watch connoisseurs today. One of the greatest pleasures we certainly feel when we take our automatic watch off our wrist, turn it over and admire the beauty and function of the mechanical movement through the sapphire crystal back.

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  • ⌀ 47 mm
  • Swiss Made
  • 10 ATM


  • ⌀ 42 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM


  • ⌀ 42 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM


  • ⌀ 40 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM

Which advantages do automatic watches have?

In addition to such emotional aspects, automatic watches also have tangible advantages: Thanks to their sophisticated automatics, they always wind themselves when worn - there's no need to turn the cogs every day. There is neither a battery that needs to be changed regularly, nor a charging cable that can be misplaced, forgotten or lost. This independence is also an important contribution to environmental protection, because neither batteries nor electrical parts need to be disposed of. Last but not least, the automatic watch always offers something to talk about in convivial gatherings among watch connoisseurs.

Why automatic watches are expensive?

Automatic watches are a marvel of technology: Hundreds of extremely precisely manufactured parts interlock here and interact perfectly to measure time reliably. Of course, this has its price. Then it depends on which materials and movements are used. Automatic watches from ADVOLAT always have a lens made of high-quality sapphire crystal, are made of corrosion-free 316L stainless steel and are water-resistant to 50 meters.

Advolat automatic watches less than 500 €

Our more affordable men's models start at just €399. They are all equipped with a high-quality and durable Citizen Miyota movement, limited to 888 pieces worldwide and individually numbered. The men's watch collection FLIEGER Automatic is available in three different versions with straps made of the finest calfskin. Those who like a bit more flashy automatic watches will find what they are looking for in the YACHT Automatic with colored dials. This men's watch is also equipped with the finest calfskin straps. The CASABLANCA Automatic is particularly classy, with its double-sided heavily domed sapphire crystal, a correspondingly domed dial and a fine guilloche. In addition, each watch has a calfskin strap in matching color.

Exclusive Advolat automatic chronograph with visible movement

For lovers and collectors of top models we offer the FLIEGER 7750 Automatic Chronograph. It contains the renowned ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, whose fascinating workings can be observed through the transparent back. This Collectors's Edition may proudly bear the label "Swiss Made". Each chronograph is limited to 8 (!) watches and bears an individual number engraved on the back. In addition, a color-matching bracelet made of the finest Italian leather. An outstanding exclusivity that enriches any watch collection.

How much movement do automatic watches need?

Thanks to their mechanism, automatic watches wind themselves up when worn. The kinetic energy is stored by a spring mechanism as a so-called power reserve, so that the watch can be safely taken off and put away overnight. If it is left lying around for longer, it stops. Then you have to reset the hands and date display and wind the watch via the side wheel. If you wear several automatic watches in turn and find the constant winding and setting annoying, it is best to get a watch winder: this not only serves the convenience, but also prevents the oil from thickening, which can lead to damage to the movement.

How long do automatic watches last?

High-quality automatic watches like ADVOLAT's can last practically forever, provided you take a few things to heart. Basically, you should avoid extreme loads and hard shocks. Should a mishap happen, ADVOLAT automatic watches are generally repairable. In addition, it is recommended to have the watch completely serviced and the oil changed about every three to four years. We are happy to perform this service for watches from our company.