Automatic watches - art of autonomy

Automatic watches can be found at ADVOLAT in various price ranges. Fascinating mechanics beyond charging cable and battery.

The fascination of automatic watches originates from a technology from the 18th century and still inspires many watch connoisseurs today. One of the greatest pleasures we certainly feel when we take our automatic watch off our wrist, turn it over and admire the beauty and function of the mechanical movement through the sapphire crystal back.

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  • ⌀ 42 mm
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  • 5 ATM
  • ⌀ 42 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM
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  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM
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  • Swiss Made
  • 10 ATM

Automatic watches – what benefits do they have?

On top of purely emotional aspects, automatic watches do have substantial benefits. They include a rotating flywheel mass, which serves to automatically recharge the watch whenever worn. Hand-winding, like in mechanical watches, is not needed, as long as the watch is exposed to sufficient body movement. There is no battery which you have to replace time and again, and no charger that you need to remember or carry around. Automatic watches do not only stand for autonomy, they also help protect our planet, since no batteries or electronics have to be disposed of. And last but not least, when meeting up with other watch enthusiasts, your automatic will always be a great topic of conversation.

Why are automatic watches so expensive – and how come the ADVOLATs are so affordable?

Automatic watches are masterpieces of technology: more than a hundred meticulously produced parts work beautifully together, making precise measurement of time a possibility. Building a mechanical movement, you cannot cut any corners. Not a single piece may be compromised in quality or precision. Not surprisingly, all of this comes at a price.

So how can that be affordable? ADVOLAT is good at efficiency. We have lean processes in developing and manufacturing automatic watches. Knowing how to get the best components at the best prices is part of our DNA, as the founder had the privilege of many years of sourcing experience in the automotive industry. Also, ADVOLAT invests very little money in advertising campaigns, ads, etc. since we believe that high quality affordable products will always find their way to the buyer. When buying a watch, we want our valued customers to be spending their money, as much as possible, on the watch itself – and not on other things. ADVOLAT stands for design, quality, customer service, and prices that make watch lovers happy. Word-of-mouth is our number one marketing channel because we have so many happy customers.

ADVOLAT watches with see-through case back under €500

Our affordable automatic watches start at just €399. They always feature high quality, durable Citizen Miyota movements. They’re all strictly limited to 888 pieces per model, and each watch is individually numbered and engraved. The FLIEGER automatic collection comes in three designs with super fine calf hide straps, as well as top notch stainless steel bracelets. The bracelet links are solid rather than “semi solid”.

If you like automatic watches which are elegant, and somewhat eye-catching, YACHT Automatic is what you are looking for. The YACHT time keepers with their colorful dials are very popular both with ladies and gents. You will have a choice of fine calf hide straps with alligator pattern or high quality solid stainless steel bracelets.

Or, if you’re looking for something very classy, go for a CASABLANCA automatic watch. It comes with a very strongly double domed sapphire crystal, which is wonderfully completed by the beveled guilloche pattern dial.

ADVOLAT SWISS MADE Automatic watches with see-through case back

Our journey starts with a special edition of SWISS MADE automatic watches featuring a Basel landmark engraving for very affordable €799. For this, we’re using a Sellita Swiss Made automatic movement. Every single time piece is assembled by hand, in Switzerland. This exclusive collector’s time piece is limited to only 100 pieces world-wide. Every watch is individually numbered and engraved. This fine piece of watchmaking is complemented by a wristband made of finest calf hide with an alligator pattern. The top sapphire crystal is slightly domed, and it has anti-reflective coating, just like all ADVOLAT crystals.

Exclusive ADVOLAT SWISS MADE automatic chronograph with see-through case back

The Automatic Chronograph FLIEGER 7750 is our top model, exclusively manufactured for aficionados and collectors. Looking through the crystal case back, you will be able to admire its fascinating, prestigious ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. If those exquisite pieces of fine watchmaking art cannot pride themselves on being “SWISS MADE”, who can?

The FLIEGER 7750 dials come in three fascinating color ways: Midnight Blue, Charcoal Black, and Champagne. Each chronograph is limited to 8 (!) pieces and has its individual number engraved on the case back. They all come with our signature Italian calf hide straps in matching colors.

The FLIEGER 7750 Automatic Chronograph is an outstanding time piece that any watch collector would want to call their own, but only very few will, since they are so rare and ultra-limited.

How much movement do automatic watches require?

Thanks to their sophisticated mechanical construction, automatic watches keep winding themselves when worn during the daytime. Using a spring mechanism, the energy generated by body movement is stored permanently. This is called “power reserve”. So feel free to take the watch off at night. A fully wound-up watch provides more than 40 hours of autonomy. It’s easy to test this by yourself: Set your watch to exactly zero hours and minutes. Now use the crown to wind it up until you feel noticeably more resistance, then leave it on its own until it stops. Do note that it will go a multiple of 12 hours, so you need to check back at least every 12 hours.

Also note that the self-winding mechanism will only work when the owner moves their arm sufficiently during the day. For people who sit very calmly at their desk most of the day, daily manual winding-up is recommended. If your automatic watch sits for a longer period of time, it will stop, and you’ll have to wind it up manually and re-set the time and date. Being a watch collector, you likely wish to wear a different time piece each day. So if the manual winding and re-setting becomes annoying to you at some point, a watch winder will be the perfect addition to your collection.

How long do automatic watches last?

High quality automatic watches, like those made by ADVOLAT, are built to last, so long as you keep a few things in mind. Mechanical watches should be protected from shocks. Still, if something bad happens, it’s good to know that ADVOLAT watches are always repairable. Furthermore, it is advisable to have your watch undergo revision in regular intervals of seven to nine years. We’ll be happy to take care of this for you, at a very reasonable charge. For more information, please contact us at