Oversized watches from ADVOLAT

Emphasize the masculinity of your wrists - sometimes size does count. Choose from our collection.

Oversized watches are not only fashionable eye-catchers, they also provide plenty of space for useful functions – for gents, but also for ladies.

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  • ⌀ 47 mm
  • Swiss Made
  • 5 ATM
  • ⌀ 46 mm
  • Swiss Made
  • 10 ATM
  • ⌀ 49 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM
  • ⌀ 45 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM
  • ⌀ 50 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM

Plenty of space for functionality: Oversized watches

On top of being fashionable and distinct, large diameters also offer the benefit of supreme legibility. This allows us to create incredibly clear dials, as has been achieved with the ADVOLAT CRUSH XXL 49mm, and is supported by the magnifying effect of the strongly domed sapphire crystal on top of the big black or white numerals. Furthermore, XXL watch dials provide space for numerous practical functions useful in everyday life without looking cluttered or being hard to read. The ADVOLAT CAPITAINE XXL Chrono Dual Time even combines two Swiss Made movements under its sapphire crystal! That way, it can display two time zones in a more clear and straightforward way than would ever be possible with just one movement.

Extra-large watch dials are a perfect playground for any designer. A particularly extravagant oversized watch, the ADVOLAT TRAVELER XXL has big applied Roman numerals in metallic silver, rose gold or blue colors, arranged around the stopwatch displays in the fashion of sunrays. The chronograph is available in six different color ways with matching leather straps. The stainless steel case is available in its natural silver color, as well as variants with high-grade black or rose gold plating. Obviously, extra-large functional watches like our XXL watches come with a certain price tag. Still, thanks to our highly optimized sourcing processes, timekeepers like the CRUSH XXL are pleasantly affordable.

XXL watches with a metal bracelet or calf hide strap for supreme wearing comfort

Due to their size, oversized watches are a little heavier than conventional designs, but do not worry – they don’t wear uncomfortably at all. All XXL models from ADVOLAT are equipped with very high-quality, sturdy straps that hold the timepiece securely on your wrist and also provide a certain counterbalance. Choose from a variety of brand new oversized watches with metal bracelets composed of solid stainless steel links. Alternatively, we also have a selection of super comfortable calf hide leather straps in matching colors. For example,

Oversized watches – greatest boyfriend look for ladies

The time when oversized watches were mainly intended for plus-size wrists is long gone. Today, men and women are entitled to wear whatever feels best. Create a whole new look – wear the XXL watch as an eye-catcher with an otherwise simple outfit, combine an oversized “men's watch” with a feminine look, or invent your own unique, personal style with your oversized timepiece. Anything goes, as long as you feel good! The ADVOLAT XXL watch collection has models for any style – no matter your identity.

XXL Dual Timer Chronographs

Whether you are traveling back and forth between time zones or meeting your most important contacts online – the ADVOLAT XXL Dual Time watch will show you at a glance what time it is at the other end of the world. If you’ve ever rung your loved ones and gotten them out of bed in the middle of the night, or congratulated your best friend on their birthday 12 hours early, you’ll know what we are talking about. With the sporty, distinctive ADVOLAT TRAVELER Chrono, the classy Swiss CAPITAINE chronograph or the elegant ADVOLAT WORLD TIME multifunction, you get a highly functional second time zone, the latter with day-date and a practical 24-hour display, supplemented with the GMT world time zones all around the dial. This super elegant look is available in various different color variants, like the model seen here with a white dial and blue hands, perfectly complimented by a blue calf hide strap.

SWISS MADE oversized watches in Swiss quality

Oversized watches don't have to be fashion gadgets. On the contrary – there now is a real market for high quality, collectors’ items in this market. ADVOLAT, based in Basel, is the only Swiss manufacturer that – among other styles – specializes in XXL watches. ADVOLAT’s SWISS MADE oversized time pieces are not inexpensive, yet they come at a very reasonable price, giving that they include not one, but two SWISS MADE movements (one ETA, one RONDA). Investing in an ADVOLAT, you’ll get a strictly limited SWISS MADE XXL, produced in small numbers, designed, assembled by hand, and carefully inspected by the family-owned company. Would you like it to be even more individual? For example with a personal engraving on the side of the stainless steel case, or an individually engraved case back? Contact us!