Pilot watches - instruments of time

Pilot watches in classic design can be found at ADVOLAT from minimalist models to sophisticated designs in SWISS-Made quality.

Not just for pilots, but for all those captivated by the fascination of flying and loving the functional design of aviator’s watches.

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  • ⌀ 40 mm
  • Swiss Made
  • 10 ATM


  • ⌀ 47 mm
  • Swiss Made
  • 5 ATM


  • ⌀ 47 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM


  • ⌀ 42 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM


  • ⌀ 47 mm
  • Limited Edition
  • 5 ATM


  • ⌀ 47 mm
  • Swiss Made
  • 10 ATM

Pilot’s watches by ADVOLAT – A Tribute to the Cockpit

Pilot’s watches are amongst the most successful and beloved classics in watch genres. Most reliable, readable and accurate time pieces, they companioned aviation pioneers like Charles A. Lindbergh, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, or Swiss Glacier Pilot and founder of the Swiss Air Rescue, Hermann Geiger. These audacious men were always depending on their watch one hundred percent, be it as a navigating aid, or simply for measuring time with precision.

ADVOLAT FLIEGER 7750 Automatic Chronograph – our master piece

This marvelous SWISS MADE automatic chronograph with ETA 7750 movement meets the top market demands: Classic aviator functions in a sporty, elegant design and the best possible quality – it’s not only pilots’ dreams that will come true.

Another thing makes this model particularly interesting for collectors and watch aficionados: The extraordinary configuration of the date and day of week indications at 4 o’clock, which is very rare in ETA Valjoux 7750 movements, and has been elaborately realized by ADVOLAT for the FLIEGER 7750 exclusively.

Attention watch collectors: This watch is very rare and limited to only eight watches per model number.

What is a pilot's watch?

Closely linked to the beginnings of flying, they were constructed to meet the requirements of that age, and further developed as classics. Today cockpits provide all the instruments a pilot needs to fly, but pilots still like to wear a pilot's watch today. Their unmistakable, unique design is reminiscent of the old days, it is a declaration of love for aviation and makes pilots independent of the onboard avionics.

Pilot's watches from ADVOLAT incorporate sturdy movements and distinctively configured dials, safely protected by top glasses made of sapphire crystal. They have an anti-reflective coating on the inside and they’re flat, thus enabling undistorted reading. Attempts with hardened or coated mineral crystals were not successful: These covers can easily get scratched on the outside and tend to fog up on the inside. That is why only the significantly more expensive sapphire crystals are a legitimate choice for ADVOLAT.

The pilot's watches from ADVOLAT guarantee high precision thanks to their high-quality movements. The exclusive models FLIEGER 8, FLIEGER GMT and FLIEGER 7750 are equipped with original SWISS MADE movements. The even more competitive FLIEGER 2, FLIEGER A and FLIEGER Rallye watches come with high-quality Japanese movements.

The most important features for a pilot watch

It must prove to be extremely precise, and provide supreme legibility at all times – in the case of luminous designs, even in the dark. Pilot watch dials always use big numbers and/or indices. These requirements result in a couple of design features that are common to all aviation watches. Most pilot’s watches are reduced to a three-hand display of time and, apart from the historically significant chronograph, they usually have no other functions.

Cases are normally rather large, in order to give enough space to the usually light-colored numerals or indices on the dark dial. The bright hands are often diamond-shaped and the '12' is often marked with a triangle, so that we can instantly see where “up” is. In order to ensure legibility even at night, the numbers, indices, and hands are coated with luminous matter.

However, today there is a great variety of models that have additional functions. One example would be the second time zone function with date display, as found in the ADVOLAT FLIEGER GMT. The FLIEGER 8 Rattrapante Chronograph is intriguing, as it allows you to display split times while the stopwatch keeps on running. Dials do not necessarily have to be dark either, there are also bright dials with dark numerals, indices and hands. Even colored dials such as the ADVOLAT FLIEGER Rallye model are possible – all that matters is high contrast to ensure best legibility.

The history of pilot's watches

With the beginning of the 20th century, people who had the courage – and wealth – started constructing and experimenting with their own flying machines. So did Brazilian Alberto Santos Dumont. In a conversation with a friend, he complained that he could hardly see anything on his pocket watch while flying. This friend was no less than the jeweler Cartier, who then started designing the first pilot's watch: the now legendary SANTOS went into series production in 1911 and is still in production today.

Military Pilot's watches were vital for pilots in WWI. In the beginning, these watches did not have bracelets, but were carried as pocket watches in a sturdy leather case. If necessary, they were either attached to the cockpit, or worn over the pilot’s jacket sleeve. At the time, the crown was located at the bottom of the case so that the pilot could wind the watch in the cockpit holder in flight. These timekeepers were characterized by very high accuracy and already showed those big digits and hands that are very easy to read and characterize pilot’s watches up until today. The chronograph supported pilots in the blind approach, since measuring split times accurate down to the second was crucial for knowing when they had to bring the aircraft down to a certain altitude.

The new zero index was introduced in World War II through military regulation: The military required a clearly visible, big triangle that is located in place of the 12, making sure that the pilot will not be confused about the orientation of the watch. In some models, the triangle is also flanked by a point on the right and left.

ADVOLAT FLIEGER GMT – two time zones at a glance

The new FLIEGER GMT is a classic SWISS MADE pilot’s watch ideally suited for frequent travelers, globe trotters, and people with friends all over the world. At a glance, you will be able to see both your current time and your home time on the same dial. This pilot’s GMT watch is also your choice if you work with lots of business partners abroad – the FLIEGER GMT will always let you know when it is a good time to call.


The FLIEGER 2 is a sturdy and reliable pilot's watch equipped with lots of useful features, such as the chronograph, allowing you to stop split times to the second and read them while the stop watch keeps running – a very classic function in pilot's watches. An additional extra is the date indication at the 4 o’clock position. All FLIEGER 2 watches come with a high quality stainless steel case, perfectly accompanied by a diamond-shaped crown, which is very reminiscent of historical aviation watches.

ADVOLAT FLIEGER A Automatic – focus on the essentials

This impressive automatic watch concept takes the requirements of a classic pilot’s watch very seriously. Featuring a no-frills design with nothing but large numerals, indices and three hands, plus an unobtrusive date indication at 3 o’clock, you’ll always be able to read the time at a glance, no matter the situation. The FLIEGER A Automatic incorporates high quality, accurate, and reliable self-winding movements that provide more than 40 hours of power reserve. Should you still need to wind it manually from time to time, this is super easy and comfortable, thanks to the diamond-shaped crown which is very grippy, and typical of Pilot’s watches.

The ADVOLAT FLIEGER Rallye shows its colors

The sporty look of this new watch is sustained by a dial in one out of several bright colors, which are resembled in the stitching of the accompanying Rallye straps. A modern pilot's watch that shows its colors – and is also very popular with motorists. The large holes in the sturdy Rallye leather straps not only look stylish on any occasion, they also make the watch wear super comfortably.


This robust chronograph with Swiss Made movement provides numerous highly functional extras such as the “Rattrapante” function, night luminosity, and date indication at 4 o'clock. They either come with a vintage-style, extra-thick leather strap or our solid stainless steel bracelet in matt black. On top of this, all of this comes at a surprisingly affordable price.