Private label watches - manufactured with precision accordin

Swiss Made or Asia Made. Strict quality control in Switzerland. Obtain the watch design that fits your brand.

Based in Basel, Switzerland, at ADVOLAT we work with you through every stage of the development of a private label watch. From design and the technical process to manufacturing, quality control and after-sales service. We take your design ideas and turn them into unique timepieces that enhance the distinctive character of your brand.

ADVOLAT´s private label customers enjoy unique designs based on their ideas and high value pieces derived from the strong materials we use and the quality controls in place. We make good use of the wealth of experience we bring from the watchmaking and the
automotive supply industry (precision display instrument) where low overhead costs and lean processes translates in fair prices. Our watches are being sold worldwide to customers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, the EU and (of course) Switzerland.

With ADVOLAT´s Private Label you obtain personal customer service of a family business
combined with the production capabilities of a major manufacturer.


Your own watch brand will benefit from the experience and the quality of our own brand ADVOLAT.
Our ADVOLAT promise:

  • Design and implementation according to your ideas
  • Your design will be implemented true to detail - or we will advise you competently and together find your design language
  • Excellent prices thanks to lean processes, low overhead costs and many years of experience in purchasing components
  • Flexibility in production quantities (minimum order quantity of 300 pieces)
  • Strict quality control of every watch in our factory in Switzerland
  • Reliable after-sales service
Private label watch for Basel Tourism



We design and develop the watches based on your specifications and budget.

  • Together we analyse your design ideas and options for materials.
  • We always keep an eye on the technical, qualitative and price aspects
  • We give you competent advice on quartz, automatic or hand-wound watches,
  • chronographs, three-hand, GMT, multifunction, world time or tourbillon watches
  • You have the choice between Swiss Made*, Swiss Movement** and Asia Made***.
  • Quality control is always carried on in Switzerland

The average duration of the design phase is between 1 and 2 months.

Private Label Design for a Swiss local government


Once the design has been finalised, a prototype is first produced and made available to you.
Once you are satisfied with the implementation and quality, the watches are sent for

On average, this phase takes between 2 and 4 months.

Private Label Project Euro Airport


After the watches have been produced, they are individually subjected to our strict quality
control in Switzerland. Once all the checks have a satisfied outcome, we sent them to you.

The average duration of this phase is between 1 and 2 weeks.

Private Label Design for a Swiss local government


Our custom-made watches have a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces. They may have
small changes in series of 100 pieces, for example the dial or the color of the case may vary.

As for the maximum order quantity, our production capacity is up to 10,000 pieces per
month in series production.

Swiss Made or Asia Made by ADVOLAT

ADVOLAT is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FHSwiss Made watches are strictly regulated and controlled according to Swiss law. Swiss Made watches must use Swiss Made movements, the technical design, assembly, and quality control must be 100% Swiss Made, and over than 60% of Swiss local content will be required.

Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH

For Asia Made watches, we either use Swiss Made movements (please note: the movements must be 'Swiss Made', 'Swiss parts' will not be enough) or Citizen Miyota movements, which are 100% made in Japan. Although these watches cannot be called Swiss Made, they are manufactured under the ADVOLAT quality system and undergo the same final inspections as all our watches in our workshops in Switzerland. When Swiss Made movements are being used, 'Swiss Movoment' can be written on the dial and watch (please also note that 'Swiss Movt' is not allowed to be put on the watches according to Swiss law, as it could be confused with 'Swiss Made' as it looks too similar).