Private Label Watches

How to buy private label watches from ADVOLAT Original ® BASEL SWITZERLAND

Private Label watch for Basel Tourism

... one order of 300 and more custom made timepieces

... or serial order of 10.000pcs per month

... or only a few watches from our stock, individually laser engraved on the side and/or caseback.

Choose from individually modified ADVOLAT products to completely new technical designs including new 2D and 3D CAD and new tooling, from laser engraving of an ADVOLAT watch to your fully branded corporate watches with your own design and specification, featuring your own brand and  logo on dial, caseback, crown, strap and buckle

Choose from quartz, automatic and handwound watches

Choose from three hands, chronographs, diving , GMT, multifunction, world time and tourbillon watches

Private Label Manufacturing by ADVOLAT

Depending on your budget, either Swiss Made or Asia Made private label watches will be engineered and manufactured to equally high Swiss quality standards by ADVOLAT. We are committed to safe working conditions and fair pay. We produce and test all watches under our own ADVOLAT quality system, all watches will undergo a final inspection by ADVOLAT in Switzerland before shipment: you can buy custom made quality products from ADVOLAT.

ADVOLAT quality, reliability and after sales service are affordable due to small overhead costs and lean processes, based on a vast experience in the watchmaking and automotive supply industry

If you opt for Swiss Made watches, it is important to know that ADVOLAT is a fully approved member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH.




Swiss Made watches are strictly regulated and controlled according to Swiss law. Swiss Made watches must use Swiss Made movements, the technical design, assembly and quality control must be 100% Swiss, and the watches must contain a Swiss local content of more than 60%. For details please check

Federation of the Swiss watch industry FH

ADVOLAT private label watches make perfect merchandise and gifts for companies, sport clubs, local governments, museum art shops and all kinds of organisations that are looking for timepieces with a lasting quality impression

If you want to create your own watch brand, ADVOLAT is a trustworthy and competent partner for your project. We manufacture private label timepieces for other watch brands and micro brands that want professional expertise and quality from the first step to serial production

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Rendering for Private Label manufacturing project EuroAirport
Private Label Watch for the City of Basel / Switzerland
Private Label design for a Swiss local government
Private Label Corporate Ballpoint with logo engraving by ADVOLATĀ® Original Basel, Switzerland


ADVOLAT is also specialized in making high quality solid metal private  label / brandname ballpoint pens with your name and/or company logo that make perfect personal and corporate gifts with a long lasting quality impression at highly competitive prices.

All ballpoint mines / refills are Swiss Made magnum steel XB mines by Faber-Castell.

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