Shipping information

Your package will be shipped to you by DHL or FedEx.

Once the package has left our warehouse, you will automatically receive a shipping notification via email. Please note that if you order multiple products with different shipping durations, the highest duration will apply to the total delivery.

Ready to ship

Watches are ready to ship within 3 business days (Monday through Friday). Due to the supply chain, shipping time may be shorter or longer in some cases. It is worth the wait!

Shipping costs

Shipping costs include the cost of shipping as well as the cost of packaging. The value added tax is already included in the shipping costs and does not have to be shown separately. The shipping costs are independent of the ordered quantity of watches.

Shipping to countries outside of Switzerland and the EU: Here, shipping is duty unpaid, untaxed, i.e. the shipping price includes only the pure freight costs. The recipient bears the customs clearance, duties and taxes of the recipient country.