13 April 2023

ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph Watch - Swiss Precision & Elegance

Experience unparalleled style and performance with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph Watch, featuring Swiss precision, timeless elegance, and versatile design.

Discover Unmatched Style and Performance with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph Watch

Immerse yourself in the world of minimalist design meets refined functionality with the stunning ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph 88038/1B-ML watch. Boasting a brilliant white dial, IP black case plating, and contrasting black Milanaise strap, this Bauhaus watch is the epitome of style without sacrificing performance. With water resistance up to 10 ATM, this exquisite timepiece is just as well-suited for an elegant night out as it is for an adventurous day at the beach. At the heart of every ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch lies a Swiss Made Ronda 5030.D movement, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability in timekeeping, creating the perfect blend of form, function, and modern sophistication.

Master Timekeeping with the BAUHAUS 2's Exceptional Chronograph Features

Experience the ultimate in precision and functionality with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph's remarkable set of features. Equipped with a two push buttons, this watch enables you to effortlessly measure elapsed time through its center stop second, 30-minute, and 10-hour timers. In addition, the timepiece showcases a small second-hand eye for added convenience. The ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 ensures unmatched durability and smooth timekeeping, proving that this watch is more than just a luxurious accessory – it's a true testament to the art of Swiss horology.

Complete Your Wardrobe with the BAUHAUS 2's Timeless Elegance and Versatility

Add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit with the incomparable ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph watch. The sleek combination of a white dial, IP black case plating, and black Milanaise strap makes this timepiece a versatile addition to your collection, fitting seamlessly with both casual and formal attire. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Bauhaus 2 reflects the union of art, design, and functionality, truly capturing the essence of the iconic Bauhaus movement. Turn heads and exude confidence every time you wear this outstanding watch, redefining what it means to combine style and substance.