04 July 2023

ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Lady Watch: Elegance, Precision, and Comfort Redefined

Discover timeless elegance with ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch. Experience the perfect blend of form, function, precision, and comfort with its high-quality sapphire glass, Japan Made Miyota movement, and 5 ATM water resistance.

Discover the Elegance of ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch

Immerse yourself in the pure sophistication that the ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch BAUHAUS 1 Lady 80031/2-ML presents. Designed with inherent Bauhaus principles, this timepiece perfectly blends form and function, creating an aesthetic appeal that is timeless and universal. Its exquisite, black dial color captures the essence of chic simplicity while its robust Stainless steel 316L case material provides not just an elevated style but also durability that can withstand the test of time. This Bauhaus watch is a necessary addition to your watch collection, exuding a unique charm that complements any fashion statement.

Invest in Quality and Precision with Sapphire Glass and Japan Made Miyota 2036 Movement

In the world of horology, the ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch stands out with its sapphire watch glass and Miyota 2036 watch movement, made in Japan. The high-quality sapphire glass resists scratches and wear, ensuring your timepiece stays pristine and clear for a long-lasting period. The Miyota 2036 watch movement, famed for its precision and reliability, ensures you stay punctual for all your appointments. Not just a watch, but a symbol of perfection ensuring all eyes are on you every second of the day.

Experience Unmatched Comfort with its Silver Milanaise Strap and 5 ATM Water Resistance

The ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch is the epitome of comfort and convenience. Its silver Milanaise strap, known for its flexibility and comfort on the wrist, offers a shining touch of elegance and a comfort level that makes it perfect for all-day wear, whether at the office or an evening social event. Combined with a water resistance of 5 ATM, this watch is not just built to survive everyday splashes, but can also accompany you during recreational swimming. Empower yourself with a watch designed to accentuate your style, beat with your rhythm, and live your moments.