12 July 2023

ADVOLAT WORLD TIME: Elegance Meets Precision in Oversized Timepiece

Discover sophistication with ADVOLAT WORLD TIME Oversized Watch. Featuring carbon optic dial, IP rose gold case, and premium Japanese craftsmanship.

Discover Time in Luxury with ADVOLAT Oversized Watch

Witness the epitome of precision and elegance with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch WORLD TIME 86003/1RG-L3. Designed for those with a sophisticated taste, this timeless piece transcends the ordinary. It features a splendid carbon optic dial set against a striking IP rose gold case that exudes an aura of grandeur. Paired with a rich brown Italian leather strap, this ADVOLAT wrist watch is a blend of uncompromising quality and stunning aesthetics. Taketime to another level with multifunctional features and resistance against water up to 5 ATM. Make a statement, wear ADVOLAT.

A Testament of Premium Japanese Craftsmanship

The ADVOLAT WORLD TIME 86003/1RG-L3 oversized watch capitalizes on premium Japanese technology. The heart of this watch, the Japan Made Miyota 6P29 and Miyota 5Y30 movements, ensures an unrivaled accuracy. Multifunctional, three eyes for Day/Date/24h, and three gilded hands reveal not only the time but a story of remarkable craftsmanship and functionality. Encased under robust sapphire watch glass, it guarantees long-lasting wear even for the most demanding tasks. You’re not just wearing a watch; you’re carrying sophistication sourced from the heart of Japan on your wrist.

Impeccable Elegance Enhanced by Authentic Italian Leather

Embrace the captivating allure of Italian luxury every time you put on the ADVOLAT Oversized WORLD TIME Watch 86003/1RG-L3. With its premium brown Italian leather strap, this watch symbolizes an endearing blend of comfort, durability, and style. The rich hue of this high-end leather compliments the carbon optic dial and sparkling IP rose gold plated case, enhancing the overall elegance of the timepiece. This watch is more than a time-keeping device; it is a token of luxury, a reflection of exquisite taste, and a companion for the journey of time.