17 July 2023

ADVOLAT Bauhaus Chronograph - Elegance & Precision in Sapphire Glass

Discover the sophisticated ADVOLAT Bauhaus Chronograph with an exquisite green dial and precision Japanese Miyota OS00 movement. Stylish, durable, and everlastingly elegant.

Experience the Elegance of the ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch

The ADVOLAT Bauhaus chronograph 80008/7-M1 is not just a timepiece but a pure reflection of sophistication and a vintage accent on your wrist. Exemplifying the chic architecture of the Bauhaus design, this watch features an exquisite green dial, gracefully situated in a solid 316L stainless steel casing. Infused with water resistance up to 5 ATM, this Bauhaus wristwatch takes style and function up a notch, radiating confidence, and staying unscathed even during unplanned aquatic adventures. The sapphire watch glass only enhances its class, resonating with durability and a timeless shine.

A Piece of Precision: Japanese Miyota OS00 Movement

At the heart of the ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch lies the globally recognized Japan Made Miyota OS00 - a powerhouse of precision. Distinguished for its chronograph with 2 push buttons, a day/date function, quick reset, and center stop second, this watch movement gives an unwavering accuracy. This not only ensures that you stay on top of your daily schedule but also imparts an added layer of meticulously-engineered functionality to your timepiece. In essence, this luxurious watch is a tribute to those who value precision timing.

Flawlessly Designed for Everyday Elegance

With its shiny silver metal strap, the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 80008/7-M1 stands out as a symbol of contemporary elegance. The stylish yet minimalist design seamlessly matches with any look - be it formal or casual. Its premium quality stainless steel material offers durability and a sleek appearance, promising to keep your wrist adorned with an ever-lasting glow. This is more than just a watch, it's an extension of your personality and a perfect companion to elevate your style quotient!