18 July 2023

Experience Luxury with ADVOLAT Swiss Made LUNA Watch

Dive into precision with ADVOLAT Swiss LUNA Watch, a symbol of luxurious style and superior craftsmanship built for those who cherish excellence.

A Masterpiece of Swiss Precision

The ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/12G-L5 is a true epitome of Swiss craftsmanship. Highly distinguished by its gold dial underlined by sapphire watch glass, it is an embodiment of robustness, reliability, and luxurious style. The yellow gold case plating adds an irresistible charm that captures the essence of high-end fashion. This remarkable timepiece, exuding with style and sophistication, is the perfect companion for those who truly appreciate precision and luxury.

Advanced Features with Stunning Aesthetics

Every ADVOLAT LUNA 88028/12G-L5 Watch is meticulously designed to operate under 10 ATM water resistance, ensuring that your timepiece runs seamlessly even under rigorous aquatic conditions. The dynamic design is enhanced with features like real moonphase which is beautifully presented in two gilded hands. With such an exceptional blend of feature-rich aesthetics, let this Swiss masterpiece articulate your distinct style statement.

Experience Superior Craftsmanship

The delicacy of ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/12G-L5 is reflected in its minute intricate features supported by a Swiss Made Ronda 706.1 movement. Its 5 jewels, and the fact that it is repairable, goes hand in hand with the assurance of quality and durability. This timepiece is not merely a watch, it's an experience. A testament to Swiss ingenuity and meticulous craftsmanship, it is designed for those who desire the very best.