13 August 2023

ADVOLAT VOYAGE Oversized Watch with Swiss ETA G15 Movement

Experience unmatched luxury with the ADVOLAT VOYAGE Oversized Watch. Silver dial, sapphire glass, Italian leather strap, and Swiss ETA G15 Movement combine for timeless style.

Exquisite Craftsmanship of the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch VOYAGE 88006/5-L3

An ode to sophistication, the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch VOYAGE 88006/5-L3 is a testament to superior craftsmanship, impeccably designed for those with an eye for luxury. The brilliant silver dial gleaming beneath the sapphire watch glass speaks volumes about your exceptional taste, while the Stainless steel 316L case provides durability. This oversized watch is a beautiful confluence of style and functionality. Make a statement with the Swiss Made ETA G15 movement that keeps you on time, every time.

Dedication to Elegance: Dark Brown Italian Leather Strap

The ADVOLAT Oversized Watch is more than just a chronograph; it's a lifestyle. The dark brown Italian leather strap speaks to a sense of classic sophistication, effortlessly complementing any ensemble. The comfortable fit and premium material ensure that this watch goes beyond telling time – it's an expression of your dedication to elegance. With this watch, you don't just check the time; you signal your timeless grace.

Performance and Durability: Water Resistance and Swiss Movement

Built with 10 ATM water resistance, the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch VOYAGE 88006/5-L3 is designed to withstand nature's elements, making it your perfect companion, rain or shine. On the functionality front, the Swiss Made ETA G15 movement, including the chronograph with 2 push buttons and date at 4h, makes precision and ease of use its top priority. This watch doesn't merely tick; it pulsates with an irresistible combination of durability and finesse.