26 August 2023

ADVOLAT FLIEGER 2 Pilot Watch - Elegance & Precision in Timekeeping

Experience the superior craftsmanship of the ADVOLAT FLIEGER 2 Pilot Watch. Elegance meets performance with its sapphire glass, durable design & precision Miyota movement.

ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2 86008/8RG-M7: Elegance and Performance in a Timepiece

Relish the beauty and precision of the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2 86008/8RG-M7. A marvel of ingenious design and unparalleled craftsmanship, this watch seamlessly interweaves aesthetic splendor with outstanding functionality. Polished in IP rose gold plating for an enticing sheen, this pilot watch is equipped with a sapphire watch glass and a captivating gunmetal dial. Exude class and sophistication round the clock with this exceptional timepiece.

Resilience Beyond Measure

Exemplifying durability and robustness, the ADVOLAT FLIEGER 2 is designed to resist water up to 5 ATM. Encased in its hardy shell is an exquisite dial shaded in powerful gunmetal. This water-resistant watch is specifically engineered to combat the forces of nature, providing you with the assurance of uninterrupted timekeeping regardless of the surroundings or circumstances. Experience the perfection of a pilot watch that elegantly withstands the test of time and environments.

Japanese Precision at Its Finest

Unveil precision like never before with the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch. Incorporating a meticulously crafted Japanese Miyota OS10 movement, the watch provides a compelling chronograph with two push buttons, a date at 4 hours, and quick reset. Apart from long battery life, the watch features a center stop second that brings the purity of Japanese horology to your wrist. Dive into the world of punctuality with a creation that's as efficient as it is striking.