12 September 2023

ADVOLAT CASABLANCA: Elegant Automatic Watch with Sapphire Glass

Experience upscale elegance with ADVOLAT CASABLANCA's automatic watch, boasting a sapphire watch glass, rose gold casing, and luxurious Italian leather strap.

Unrivaled Elegance: ADVOLAT Automatic Watch CASABLANCA 80022/1ARG-L5

Experience the epitome of sophistication with the ADVOLAT Automatic Watch CASABLANCA 80022/1ARG-L5.

This masterpiece combines the aesthetics of bold elegance and flawless functionality to offer you a timepiece worth cherishing. Featuring a resplendent IP rose gold case and a pristine white dial, this sapphire watch glass watch breathes life to your style, making every day count. Enjoy the brilliance of a meticulously crafted automatic watch radiating refined freshness, adding layers of luxury to your everyday look.

Exceptional Attributes: Watch Glass, Automatic Function, and more

Surpass your expectations with the sapphire watch glass integrated with the ADVOLAT Automatic Watch CASABLANCA 80022/1ARG-L5. Its automatic feature is brought to life by Japan-made Miyota 8217 movement, offering a symphony of 21 jewels, three hands with a 24h setting, and the convenience of quick date setting. Trust in the durability of water-resistant 5 ATM feature, ensuring reliable wear no matter the weather.

Indulge in Luxury: Italian leather and majestic craftsmanship of the automatic timepiece

Embrace the charisma of the ADVOLAT Automatic Watch CASABLANCA 80022/1ARG-L5. Be mesmerized by the luxurious light brown Italian leather strap, amplifying your style quotient and adding a layer of richness that's hard to ignore. Marvel at the precision of the Japanese Miyota 8217 movement, underscoring the aesthetic brilliance of a 21 jewel configuration, aligning perfectly with your upscale lifestyle.