26 September 2023

ADVOLAT World Time: Experience Elegance with this Oversized Sapphire Watch

Dive into luxury with ADVOLAT's World Time Oversized Watch. Finesse in craftsmanship meets functionality; features sapphire glass, rose gold case, multifunction movement.

Marvel at World Time with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch

Step into a realm of luxury timekeeping with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch - WORLD TIME 86003/2CRG-L2. With a blend of superior craftsmanship and exceptional aesthetics, this watch is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Boasting a sapphire watch glass, the dial sports a sophisticated carbon optic color, elegantly encased in IP rose gold plating. This water-resistant watch with movements made in Japan (Miyota 6P29 and Miyota 5Y30) serves you with an exotic timepiece that thrives on excellence and precision.

A Glimpse of Craftsmanship with ADVOLAT

Immerse in the superiority wrought by a unique combination of craftsmanship and functionality. The ADVOLAT Oversized Watch features a multi-function, 3-eye movement: Day/Date/24 hours. With a dial adorned by elegant hands, experience the finesse of detailed time tracking. Every detail of this watch evinces the signature quality and innovative spirit of ADVOLAT.

Embrace Elegance with the Finest Italian Leather Strap

A timepiece isn't just a tool, it's a fashion statement. The explicit charm of our ADVOLAT Oversized Watch is elevated by an elegant black Italian leather strap. Designed for superior comfort and a plush feel, the strap adjusts to fit perfectly, enhancing your attire with its luxurious aura.