30 September 2023

Experience Timeless Elegance with ADVOLAT Swiss Made LUNA Watch

Discover ADVOLAT's Swiss Made LUNA Watch, a perfect blend of affordable luxury and timeless design. Features gold dial, sapphire glass and unmatched Swiss precision.

Illuminate Your Style with ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/12G-L5

Exude sophistication and timeless charm with the ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/12G-L5, a classic pairing of Swiss precision and artistic craftsmanship. Featuring a stunning golden sunray dial encased in IP yellow gold plating, this watch is a true epitome of affordable luxury. Enhanced with sapphire watch glass for ultimate clarity and resistance against scratches, every detail of this timepiece screams elegance.

Elegance and Clear Vision with Sapphire Watch Glass and Gold Dial

The ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/12G-L5 boasts a beautiful gold colored sunray dial complemented by high-quality sapphire watch glass. This glass, second only to diamond in its hardness, ensures enduring pristine visibility, while the striking gold dial turns time checking into an aesthetically pleasing experience. Slip it onto your wrist to bring a touch of class to your day-to-day affairs.

Superior Performance with Swiss Made Ronda 706.1 - Watch Movement

Brought to life by the reliable Swiss Made Ronda 706.1 watch movement, this ADVOLAT Swiss Made watch delivers precise timekeeping you can trust. Its two hands designed with real moonphase functionality, not only give an accurate measure of time but also a peek into the cosmic ballet above us. With gilded, repairable mechanisms and 5 jewels, it is a timepiece built to endure and delight for a lifetime.

Reliable Resilience with 10 ATM Water Resistance & Durable Leather Strap

Go about your everyday routine without worry, thanks to the 10 ATM water resistance of the ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/12G-L5. Whether you get caught in the rain or decide to take a dip, this watch is built to withstand it all. Secured by an exquisite light brown leather strap, it's not only water-resistant but also a stylishly versatile piece, perfect for every outfit and occasion.