02 October 2023

ADVOLAT YACHT Automatic Watch: Superior Craftsmanship Meets Durable Luxury

Experience modern sophistication with the ADVOLAT YACHT Automatic Watch. Precision timekeeping meets durability in this luxurious timepiece. Essential for the punctual professional.

Experience the Art of Timekeeping with ADVOLAT Automatic Watch YACHT 86028/2AG-L2

Dive into the realm of superior horological craftsmanship with the ADVOLAT Automatic Watch YACHT 86028/2AG-L2. Featuring a distinctive black dial, a case elegantly plated in IP yellow gold, and wrapped in a luxurious Italian leather strap, this timepiece embodies the essence of modern sophistication. Created to enhance your everyday style while improving time management skills, this watch is the epitome of fashion meeting functionality.

Unmatched Durability and Precision

Constructed with high-end Japanese Miyota 8215 movement, the ADVOLAT Automatic Watch offers precise timekeeping for those who value accuracy. The integrated date function, easy setting features, and the date display at 3 o'clock enhance practicality, making it a reliable companion for the punctual professional. Trust in ADVOLAT's commitment to creating durable and accurate timepieces.

Luxury Meets Resilience

The ADVOLAT watch is more than a timekeeper; it's an accessory built to last. Featuring an extremely durable sapphire watch glass and a 5 ATM water resistance, it is equipped to handle everyday challenges while maintaining its luxurious appeal. Housed in a sturdy yet elegant IP yellow gold case and enclosed with a black Italian Leather strap, the watch embodies enduring luxury. Secure a timepiece with the resilience to match your lifestyle.