07 October 2023

ADVOLAT FLIEGER 7750: Swiss-Made Pilot Watch with Self-Winding Mechanism

Discover the Swiss-crafted ADVOLAT FLIEGER 7750, an elegant pilot watch with chronograph functionality, self-winding mechanism and a durable stainless steel body.

Innovative Swiss-Made Timepiece

Introducing the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 7750 8801/2A-S2, a remarkable fusion of Swiss craftsmanship and innovative design. This isn't simply a timekeeping device; it’s a symbol of precision and reliability. Armed with chronograph functionality and 25 jewels, this self-winding watch serves as a reflection of your sophisticated taste and appreciation for high-quality watches. Encased in sturdy 316L stainless steel, this pilot watch is as enduring as it is elegant.