05 November 2023

ADVOLAT WORLD TIME: Elegance & Versatility in an Oversized Watch

Experience luxury with ADVOLAT's WORLD TIME oversized watch. Carbon optic dial set in stainless steel 316L casing. Perfect for world-time enthusiasts!

ADVOLAT Oversized Watch WORLD TIME 86003/2C-L2 – Where Elegance Meets Versatility

Unleash The Connoisseur in You

Experience luxury like never before with our ADVOLAT Oversized Watch WORLD TIME 86003/2C-L2. With a dial enriched by carbon optics and set in a remarkable stainless steel 316L casing, this watch exemplifies sophistication. The resilient sapphire watch glass not only adds longevity but ensures clarity under any light. This stylish timepiece is a feast for the eyes and an essential for the globally oriented individuals who appreciate 'world-time'.