19 November 2023

ADVOLAT LUNA Swiss Watch: Luxurious Blend of Elegance & Moon Phase Craftsmanship

Experience luxury with ADVOLAT LUNA Swiss Watch. Offers a unique blend of Swiss craftsmanship, precise timekeeping, and a captivating real moon phase feature.

Exquisite Swiss Craftsmanship

Mark the passage of time with the exquisite ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/4RG-ML, a symbol of luxury and precision in one. Crafted by renowned Swiss makers, this watch showcases a stunning blue dial and an alluring rose-gold casing that will captivate watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Adorned with highly durable sapphire watch glass, it promises to remain as timeless as your style.

Luminous Design Meets Exceptional Functionality

Experience a harmonious blend of design and functionality with the ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/4RG-ML. Enveloped in a rose-gold Milanaise strap that perfectly complements the IP rose gold case plating, this watch exudes a radiant, luxurious appeal. Backed by a Swiss Made Ronda 706.1 movement, the watch not only charms with its looks but delivers accurate, reliable timekeeping.

Revel in the Wonder of Lunar Phases

A truly unique masterpiece, the ADVOLAT Swiss Made Watch LUNA 88028/4RG-ML, features a 2-hand movement with a real moon phase indication. The meticulously engineered gilded watch movement, repairable and boosted by 5 jewels, allows you a view into the mesmerizing lunar cycle from your wrist, making it an exceptional timepiece for those who appreciate finer things in life.