01 January 2024

Unleash Sophistication with ADVOLAT's Oversized Sapphire and Rose Gold Watch

Discover the elegance of ADVOLAT's Oversized Watch. Features a black and rose gold dial, Miyota movements, sapphire glass, and a stylish leather strap.

Unleash Your Sophistication with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch TRAVELLER 89001/2RG-L2.2

Step into the world of premium timepieces with the ADVOLAT Oversized watch TRAVELLER 89001/2RG-L2.2. This exceptional piece is not just a watch, but a testament to your exquisite taste and unbeatable class. Its outstanding features include a dial boasting a sophisticated black color, enhanced by accents in alluring rose gold. The case plating too, mirrors this opulence with its own IP rose gold color. This striking combination results in a watch that doesn't just tell time, but makes a statement. The age-old adage 'Time is Gold' has never been truer than when you're wearing this magnificent timepiece on your wrist.

Trusted Preciseness with ADVOLAT's Japan Made Miyota Movements

Never lose track of time with the ADVOLAT Oversized watch TRAVELLER 89001/2RG-L2.2's Japan Made Miyota JS25 and 2025 movements. Known for delivering reliable and accurate timekeeping, the Miyota movements epitomize Japanese precision and craftsmanship. The watch also features a versatile chronograph with 2 push buttons and a functional date indicator at 4h. Counters for 30 minutes, seconds, and 24 hours are also part of its superior functionality, ensuring that every aspect of your time is covered. Maximise your time with this remarkable blend of beauty and precision.

Stay Fashion-Forward and Functional with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch's Sapphire Glass & Leather Strap

It all comes down to the details with the ADVOLAT Oversized watch TRAVELLER 89001/2RG-L2.2. Its sapphire watch glass offers the ultimate in scratch and shatter resistance, ensuring your view of the time remains crystal clear. Wrapped around your wrist is a sleek, black leather strap that seamlessly pairs style with comfort. Capable of withstanding water resistance up to 5ATM, this timepiece is prepared for almost anything your day might throw at it. Embody rugged elegance with a watch that outlasts time itself.