07 January 2024

ADVOLAT Oversized Watch: Swiss Craftsmanship Meets Italian Elegance

Dive into luxury with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch. Exquisite Swiss movement, striking sapphire glass and Italian leather strap amass to deliver superior style.

ADVOLAT Oversized Watch VOYAGE 88006/2-L2: Command Authority With Time

Revel in Opulence with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch

Amplify your grandeur with the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch VOYAGE 88006/2-L2, a horological masterpiece crafted for those who value time and style. It mirrors impeccable craftsmanship with its sapphire watch glass, dial color black, Stainless steel 316L casing. This timepiece instills a distinct sense of prestige and a undeniable sense of superiority with its imposing presence.

Experience Swiss Precision and Italian Elegance

Bound to command attention, the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch embodies a perfect blend of Swiss and Italian mastery. From the heart of its Swiss Made ETA G15 watch movement to its luxurious Italian leather strap, every detail is a testament to the unparalleled excellence in watchmaking. Embrace the sophistication.

A Robust Timepiece for the Fearless

Constructed with extreme dexterity, the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch offers 10 ATM water resistance, proving its might in challenging environments. Powerful features such as a chronograph with 2 push buttons, and the added functionality of the date at 4 h position ensures you’re always in control. Face the world fearlessly with this robust companion on your wrist.