08 January 2024

Elite ADVOLAT Oversized Watch - Sapphire Glass, IP Rose Gold Plating

Discover the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch's elegance with its IP rose gold plating and white dial. A luxurious mix of style and performance beneath sapphire glass.

Exquisite Elegance of the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch

Discover the class and elegance embodied in the ADVOLAT Oversized Watch CRUSH 86001/1RG-L1. Bathed in a stunning IP rose gold plating, the case is a masterpiece of style that perfectly complements the watch’s white dial color. This oversized watch makes a bold yet sophisticated statement. Encased beneath the sapphire watch glass is a beautifully designed dial, carrying a perfect blend of creativity and craftsmanship. The result is not just a timepiece, but a timeless piece of art that exemplifies luxury and performance.