13 January 2024

ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Lady: Elegance Meets Precision in a Classic Watch Design

Discover the seamless blend of minimalistic Bauhaus design and advanced watchmaking in the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Lady watch. Embrace elegance and functionality in one timeless piece.

Dive into Timeless Elegance with ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch

Wrap your wrist in ultimate sophistication with the luxurious ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Lady 80031/1-L2. A magnificent piece of art that perfectly blends the iconic Bauhaus design philosophy with the precision of modern watchmaking. This watch is an epitome of elegance and function; its pristine white dial housed in Stainless steel 316L case takes a cue from the minimalism of Bauhaus design, while the Miyota 2036 movement promises unparalleled timekeeping.

The Pinnacle of Functionality and Aesthetics

Experience the joy of owning a meticulously crafted timepiece that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. The BAUHAUS 1 Lady watch is not just visually appealing but also brags of its high-quality specifications. Encrusted with sapphire watch glass known to be proof against scratches and any kind of physical damages. Add to this, the reliable Stainless steel 316L case that stands for strength and resilience.

Designed for the Modern, Style-Savvy Woman

What elevates the charm of this watch is the incorporation of the esteemed Japan Made Miyota 2036. The watch's sleek design comes with water resistance up to 5 ATM, ensuring the preservation of its exquisite features even while pursuing water-related adventures. With a chic black leather strap that harmonises with any outfit, the ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch guarantees to make a statement about your discerning taste in accessory collection.