14 January 2024

ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2: Precision, Durability & Water Resistant Excellence

Experience unmatched timing precision with ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2. Discover unrivaled durability in its Stainless Steel 316L case, sapphire glass watch, and water-resistant excellence.

Experience Exemplary Precision with ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2

The ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2 86008/2-SL3 delivers unmatched accuracy in timing while exuding a sense of rugged elegance. Incorporating chronograph functionalities with 2 push buttons, a neatly positioned date at 4h slot, and backed by a long battery life - this watch takes functional style to an unprecedented level. What truly sets this poly-functional piece apart is its robust Stainless steel 316L case, designed to withstand the test of time, and the impressively precise Japan Made Miyota OS10 movement. Experience the finest blend of utility, durability, and style with this exceptional pilot watch.

Luxury meets Durability in Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2's Construction

Made with the premium Stainless Steel 316L, the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2 offers impressive durability, ensuring that it can handle the wear and tear of everyday use while maintaining its exquisite charm. The sapphire watch glass is another example of the watch's exceptional construction, providing brilliant clarity while resisting scratches and impact making it an exemplar of sophistication and robustness. This attention to durability doesn't mean a compromise in aesthetic appeal - thanks to the beautiful black dial color that resonates with an allure of modish elegance.

Unleash Adventure with Water-Resistant Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2

Incorporating a 5 ATM water resistance, the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER 2 is an adventurer's dream, ensuring that water exposure won't impair its functionality. The saddle leather strap not only enhances the watch’s aesthetic appeal but also offers exemplary comfort, allowing you to go on your adventures without restraint. Embrace the thrill of exploration without worrying about the damage – the FLIEGER 2 is intended to accompany you in every adventure.