24 January 2024

Unleash Swiss Precision with ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph Watch

Embrace timeless elegance with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Chronograph watch. Swiss craftsmanship at its best, complete with sapphire glass, and robust leather strap.

Experience Swiss Elegance with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch

The ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch BAUHAUS 2 Chronograph 88038/8B-L3 is a testament to timeless style and precise craftsmanship. Designed with a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, this meticulously-crafted chronograph watch encapsulates the true spirit of the Bauhaus movement. The sophisticated grey dial, complemented by the IP black case plating, creates a striking visual impact. Enjoy the alluring contrast of dark and light, of boldness and subtlety, of innovation and tradition with this remarkable timepiece.

Because First Impressions Matter

Step into each meeting, event or casual gathering with the confidence that your wristwatch radiates. The dark brown leather strap of ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch delivers an innate sense of elegance and robustness, promising a durable accessory that is just as stylish. Moreover, the sapphire watch glass not only gives it an alluring shine but also offers excellent resistance against scratches and knocks, making this watch a lasting companion for all your adventures.

Epitome of Reliable Swiss Made Ronda 5030.D Movement

Timekeeping takes on an entirely new meaning with the Swiss Made Ronda 5030.D movement that this watch incorporates. A chronograph with 2 push buttons, gilded with a center stop second, 13 jewels, and three eyes for 1/10th of a second, 30 minutes, and 12 hours; the meticulous detailing is but a testimony of the watch's functionality. Bound together with a water resistance of 10 ATM, the ADVOLAT Bauhaus watch is more than just a mere accessory, it's the exemplification of past, present, and future precision watchmaking.