01 February 2024

ADVOLAT Flieger GMT - Swiss Precision, Sapphire Glass, Black Matte Elegance

Experience the blend of Swiss craftsmanship and bold design with the ADVOLAT Flieger GMT. Sapphire Glass, Water-resistant, Black Matte Elegance for the modern gentleman.

Superior Performance Blended with Luxury Design

Bearing the legacy of function and design, the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER GMT 88024/2B-M10 is a timepiece reserved for the distinguished few. Exuding confidence and boldness with a striking black matte metal strap and matching black dial, this watch is designed to complement your personality. Beyond its eye-catching aesthetics, it features sapphire watch glass, known for its exceptional durability and clarity. Water-resistant up to 10 ATM, this pilot watch is engineered to withstand dynamic lifestyle adventures. More than a watch; it signals your arrival on life's biggest stages.

Swiss Craftsmanship at its Finest – Embrace Precision with Swiss Made Ronda 515.24H

With the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER GMT 88024/2B-M10, you don't just wear a watch; you wear a piece of Swiss precision. Powered by the Swiss Made Ronda 515.24H, this watch ensures the highest level of precision and longevity. The movement has 3 hands with plus GMT hand, a quick GMT correction and is fully repairable, offering you the peace of mind of long-term reliability. Experience the difference a Swiss Made timepiece makes in your daily schedule.

Unravel the Mystery of IP Black – Durable, Elegant and Sophisticated

Step into the realm of elegance and sophistication with the IP black-plated casing of the ADVOLAT Pilot Watch FLIEGER GMT 88024/2B-M10. Expressing a refined aesthetic, the IP black plating enhances the watch's durability, ensuring it withstands the test of time and maintains its alluring appearance. Embrace the power of black – a watch designed to mirror your strength, resilience and style.