04 February 2024

ADVOLAT Capitaine Oversized Watch - Swiss Precision in Stainless Steel & Sapphire

Experience sophistication with ADVOLAT Capitaine's oversized watch, featuring sapphire glass & stainless steel design. Swiss precision for the audacious spirit!

All Eyes on Style: The ADVOLAT Oversized Capitaine Watch

Dive into the world of sophistication with the ADVOLAT Oversized Capitaine Watch, featuring a magnificent fusion of the sheen of stainless steel and the breathtaking beauty of a sapphire watch glass. This triumph of Swiss engineering stands out with the dial's vibrant white color, a perfect contrast to the shiny and matte silver metal strap. A class apart, this oversized watch personifies an audacious spirit and a grand taste in fashion, promising to be an unmistakable centerpiece in any ensemble. Its 5 ATM water resistance ensures optimal performance even in challenging wet conditions. With this watch, savor perfection and style, promising every gaze a marvel of timekeeping artistry and design.

Invest in Timeless Excellence: Swiss Made Movements

Experience the precision and reliability that comes from the marriage of Swiss Made ETA G15 and Swiss Made Ronda 1069 movements. This ADVOLAT oversized watch is a functional masterpiece, boasting a chronograph with 2 push-buttons and a center stop second. It is designed with three eyes for 1/10th of seconds, 60 seconds, and 30 minutes to offer absolute accuracy. With a small second at 12 h, every look at the time becomes a moment of awe.

Blend of Convenience and Elegance: Detailed Design

The ingenious integration of practicality and luxury truly shines in the ADVOLAT Oversized Capitaine Watch. Every minute detail of its design, including the thoughtful placement of the date element at 4 h, is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship. The case, crafted from 316L Stainless Steel, is a robust protection for the intricate mechanisms inside. Immerse in the rapturous blend of functionality and flamboyance as each second ticks by, making the Capitaine Watch a must-have accessory for the aesthetically pleasure-seeking and punctuality-driven alike.