25 February 2024

ADVOLAT Bauhaus Classic Watch: Timeless Elegance Meets Swiss Precision

Uncover style and functionality with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus Classic Watch. Fusing timeless aesthetics with Swiss precision, it's the perfect blend of elegance and performance.

Experience Timeless Elegance with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus Watch

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 2 Classic 88032/2-ML watch. Designed with precision, this Bauhaus watch carries the legacy of a timeless fashion movement, united with a modern twist. The black dial juxtaposed with the sturdy stainless steel case material creates a subtle yet impactful aesthetic. With the watch's sapphire glass ensuring exceptional durability, this timepiece is not just about the looks; it's designed to last. Find yourself captivated by antique charm fused with contemporary design elements - the ideal companion for the style-conscious individual.

Treasuring Swiss Craftsmanship with ADVOLAT

The core of this elegant Bauhaus watch is its Swiss Made Ronda 515 movement. Known for uncompromised precision and quality, the Swiss movement promises accurate timekeeping while adding a prestigious value to your timepiece. The meticulously crafted timekeeper boasts 3 hands with date feature, providing not just accuracy, but convenience at your fingertips. Embellished with 1 jewel, the watch balances the functionality associated with modern timepieces and the grandeur of traditional Swiss watches.

Discover Brilliant Versatility with the Silver Milanaise Strap

Anchoring this enchanting timepiece is the silver Milanaise strap, woven with precision to ensure comfort as well as sophistication. The strap effortlessly mirrors the classic elegance of the watch, making it an appropriate accessory for all occasions. Conveniently adjustable and secure, the silver Milanaise strap underscores the unmatched quality of ADVOLAT's wristwatch range. Coupled with a water resistance of 10 ATM, the strap ensures that your timepiece withstands the rigors of everyday use while retaining its timeless appeal.