ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Chronograph - Minimalism & Function

Experience the perfect blend of minimalist design and superior functionality with the ADVOLAT Bauhaus Chronograph watches.

Discover the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Chronograph - a prime example of minimalist design paired with high functionality. A diverse spectrum of style and quality, crowned by timeless aesthetics and superb craftsmanship.

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The beauty of minimalist design with maximum functionality

The ADVOLAT Bauhaus Chronograph combines the best of minimalist design and high functionality. With clean lines and few decorative elements, it speaks a design language that focuses on simplicity and elegance. The watches are also renowned for their practicality, often eschewing unnecessary complications to focus on the essentials.

Timeless style rooted in readability and versatility

A key feature of Bauhaus watches is their legibility. The ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Chronograph also features an easy-to-read dial with a high contrast between the background and the numbers. The wide choice of dial colours - black, white, cream, green and blue - and the case options in stainless steel or rose gold offer numerous combination possibilities for different outfits.

Quality and value for money - an unbeatable duo

The ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Chronograph is equipped with high quality materials such as sapphire crystal, a medical grade 316L stainless steel case and a high quality Miyota OS00 movement. Despite its luxurious features and elegant design, this watch offers exceptional value for money.

Discover the ADVOLAT Bauhaus collection: Where style meets diversity

ADVOLAT's Bauhaus collection offers a variety of models and variations to suit different tastes. All watches in the collection - including the ADVOLAT Bauhaus 1 Chronograph - share a focus on minimalist design, quality and functionality.