The ADVOLAT brand

ADVOLAT is a watch manufacturer from Basel in the watch country Switzerland. ADVOLAT is characterized by quality, care, reduced design and handmade limited small and smallest editions. Always strictly limited and individually numbered and engraved. ADVOLAT combines timeless looks with fine components like sapphire crystal, 316L stainless steel and top movements - and wants to meet your very personal demands. Choose your favorite watch from attractive models in the ADVOLAT collection.

„Quality is when the customer returns – and not the product”

Dr.-Ing. Wolf Franke, CEO of ADVOLAT Switzerland GmbH
Quote after Hermann Tietz, name giver of the department store Hertie

ADVOLAT as a family business

ADVOLAT was founded in 2013 by architect Kristina C. Franke and engineer and entrepreneur Dr.-Ing. Wolf D. Franke. Both founders are fascinated by design, technology and precision and strive to create sustainable products as lasting values in contrast to the throwaway society. Teamwork and recognition of all those involved in the creation are lived values.

The congenial couple has been married for a long time and has three children. While Kristina managed construction projects as an architect, among other things, Wolf worked for 15 years at a large automotive supplier, which interestingly also brought him into close contact with the luxury watch manufacturers IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and A. Lange & Söhne. In the automotive sector, he worked in engineering and as a production manager, then as a quality manager and later as a board member and sole managing director in Europe, Australia and Malaysia. His appointment as managing partner of a Swiss consulting firm took them both to Basel, Switzerland, where Wolf helped make successful companies even more successful as well as lead struggling companies out of the red, while Kristina managed the market entry for German luxury bathtubs in Australia and New Zealand.

At some point, they took stock and asked themselves about work-life balance. The children demanded more presence and the family wanted to spend more time together - and watches had always been a calling and a vision. The feeling for shapes, colors and precision finally resulted in the foundation of ADVOLAT.


ADVOLAT FLIEGER watches continue the classic design of the military pilot watch. From the reduced model with luminescent hands and fixed point, the range extends to XXL watches with chronographs and world times. The BAUHAUS collection takes up the concept of 1920s architecture reduced to function, which in its simplicity without any ornamentation paid its respect to craftsmanship and was a democratic product for all. EMOTIONS is the collection for special designs, unusual materials, classic aesthetics - above all, expressive.

Sapphire crystal - timelessly beautiful

Sapphire crystal glass is up to 100 times more expensive than the usual mineral glass - why do we use it anyway? Because its quality is unbeatable. A sapphire monocrystal is grown under vacuum, cut into slices for our watch glasses and then ground and polished inside and out: Flat for instrument watches, single or double cambered - i.e. round ground - for design watches. Since sapphire crystal reaches a hardness of 9 MOS, it can only be processed using diamonds with a hardness of 10 MOS. This makes it the most scratch-resistant material we can find for our products. Another advantage is that our sapphire glasses are anti-reflective coated and do not know "fogging". Since 2015, all our watches are equipped with sapphire crystal. 

High quality stainless steel from yacht building

The worst enemy of metal is salt water: it leads to destructive corrosion. Watches worn on the wrist inevitably come into contact with sweat. The salty body fluid is similarly corrosive to seawater. That is why we took our cue from the yacht building industry, which has been dealing with this issue for many years and has found a solution: 316L stainless steel. Behind this designation is a medical stainless steel that really never rusts. The cases of our watches are made of this 316L stainless steel - an outstanding quality feature of our products.

Swiss Made

The "Swiss Made" quality seal is world-famous and highly valued - and rightly so: only watches that meet the strict criteria of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH are allowed to carry this award. The criteria for the award are: The movement (caliber) must also be Swiss Made. The technical development, quality assurance and assembly of the watches take place in Switzerland. In addition, at least 60% of the watch value must come from Switzerland. ADVOLAT has been a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry since 2019. All our watches with the "Swiss Made" seal comply 100% with the strict specifications. It is also important to note the following: for some particularly sharp watches, we use quality Citizen Miyota movements, which are completely manufactured in Japan. The corresponding watches may not be called Swiss Made, but are also manufactured under the ADVOLAT quality system and final tested in Basel.

Limited editions and desired numerals

An Asian influence is noticeable in our edition sizes: Here, the number 8 is considered a symbol of luck. Since we also find the number 8 aesthetically pleasing and associate it with the symbol of infinity, we like to make our watches in editions of 8, 888 or 8888. On the back are always engraved the edition size and individual number. Upon request, we reserve a special number for our customers. For example, if you have your 34th birthday on December 25th, then with a little luck you can get a watch with the number 25/888 or 34/8888, as long as the number has not yet been sold.

Sustainability is a matter of course

As a modern company with the highest quality standards, we attach great importance to sustainability in the manufacture and life cycle of our products. Our watches are characterized by the use of excellent materials and the best craftsmanship and are particularly durable. However, if something should happen, our watches are basically repairable. Please contact directly for service and repair. Sustainability also includes fair payment and good working conditions for our employees as well as for our partners and suppliers. This is very important to us.

Private Label

At ADVOLAT we love adding a personal touch to your timepiece by laser engraving, be it for a milestone birthday, wedding gift(s) or corporate jubilees.
Private Label Manufacturing also means the design and serial production of watches based on a client’s specification. Our clients are sports and other clubs, companies, government bodies and other watch brands. As an approved member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, ADVOLAT is highly competent in terms of technical design, making of approval samples, tooling and high quality serial production. Depending on the client’s requirements this may be Swiss Made, Swiss Movement or other international projects.

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We are here for you

As a family business, it is possible for us to advise our customers personally and individually. We would be happy to welcome you in our showroom in Basel or you can reach us by phone at +41 61 643 0556. Feel welcome at ADVOLAT.